daily-stressesStatistics in Ireland report that over 4,000 Irish women travel each year to access abortion clinics. The decision to have an abortion is never an easy one and is often made in a time of great stress. Many women and men may feel relief following an abortion, or at least perceive that stress has been reduced. However, many women and men can experience other negative psychological affects after abortion. Feelings can be mixed and seem contradictory.  For example there can be feelings of relief as well as sadness, loneliness, shame, guilt, grief, doubt and regret. Our therapists offer a safe space where the client can be listened to with empathy and in a non judgmental capacity which can help the client to explore and understand these feelings.

At 121 Counselling we provide a non-judgemental safe environment for our clients to work through their problems in complete confidence. Talking with a trained professional in Counselling & Psychotherapy will help you look at your problems from a different perspective and equip you with the necessary strategies to work through with your problems.

If you require more information on abortion counselling & therapy or would like to make an appointment, please contact us.

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