Couple Counselling

Couples counselling – At some stage in every couple’s relationship there will be periods when the relationship becomes strained and couples can become distant with each other over a period of time.

Even the strongest relationships can come under massive strain, as life pressures such as children, money worries, employment status changes, fidelity and various other life experiences impact the bond between a couple.

Couples can become strangers in their own relationship.

Relationship & Marriage counselling is usually a short-term therapy that may take only a few sessions to work out problems in the relationship. Typically, the counsellor will ask questions about the couple’s roles, patterns, rules, goals, and beliefs.

Therapy often begins as the couple analyzes the good and bad aspects of the relationship. The counsellor then works with the couple to help them understand that, in most cases, both partners are contributing to problems in the relationship. When this is understood, the two can then learn to change how they interact with each other to solve problems.

The partners may be encouraged to draw up a contract in which each partner describes the behaviour he or she will be trying to maintain.



“We had a great five years together before we got married and this continued into our first two years of marriage before we had two kids. The focus of our lives completely changed and four years after our first child was born we suddenly seemed to be going through the emotions. We were sniping at each other and couldn’t seem to find any common ground. It got to the stage where we started talking about separation because we couldn’t see the relationship getting any better. We decided to give couple counselling a go. The counselling was the first time in years that we had listened to each other and through a number of sessions the distance that had become between us was broken down and our relationship came out of the counselling stronger than ever.”- (Sean & Jane)

At 121 Counselling we provide a non-judgemental safe environment for our clients to work through their problems in complete confidence.

Talking with a trained professional in Counselling & Psychotherapy will help you look at your problems from a different perspective and equip you with the necessary strategies to work through with your problems.

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