Post Natal Depression

Post Natal DepressionThe arrival of a new baby is viewed as one of life’s happiest moments, however it can also be associated with overwhelming feelings of stress, anxiety and exhaustion.

It is reported that almost half of new mothers can go through a period of feeling very emotional and tearful after the arrival of a child which is known as the ‘baby blues’ however an estimated one in ten can go on to develop more intense and long term symptoms, known as Postnatal depression (PND).

These symptoms usually develop in the first four to six weeks after giving birth and can result in overwhelming feelings of despair, guilt and worthlessness.

Therapy can help the client recognize and identify these feelings and can assist in the mothers adjusting to motherhood.

“I didn’t feel right after the birth of my first child. I thought to myself I must have the “baby blues” and this was a phase that I’d come through, but ten weeks after the birth I simply couldn’t cope. I was crying all the time, I couldn’t bond with my child and I had feelings that I didn’t deserve to be a mother. Thankfully my GP was able to recognise that I actually had Post Natal Depression and prescribed a course of anti-depressants and insisted I also attend counselling.

Through these counselling sessions I was able to work through my problems and I’m delighted to say I came out the other side a new woman and I love being a mother. I have realised since that Post Natal Depression is so common and I would encourage anyone struggling to take that first step and ask for help” - Mary

At 121 Counselling we provide a non-judgemental safe environment for our clients to work through their problems in complete confidence. Talking with a trained professional in Counselling & Psychotherapy will help you look at your problems from a different perspective and equip you with the necessary strategies to work through with your problems.

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