Stress is currently one of the most common mental health problems in Ireland. In small amounts, stress can be endured but ongoing heightened stress levels can impact on all areas of our lives including our relationships, ability to work and carry out daily tasks and in some cases high stress levels may lead to experiencing panic attack, anxiety and depression.


Symptoms can include irritability, poor concentration, change in sleeping patterns, constant negative thinking, changes in appetite, lack of motivation, loss of libido, social withdrawal and isolation and mood swings.

Stress can also manifest itself physically with symptoms such as skin disorders, IBS and digestive problems, headaches, muscular tension, high blood pressure and other bodily aches and pains.

Counselling and psychotherapy can play a key role in working with the client to identify the root cause and helping the client to look at ways they can manage their stressful times.

At 121 Counselling we provide a non-judgemental safe environment for our clients to work through their problems in complete confidence. Talking with a trained professional in Counselling & Psychotherapy will help you look at your problems from a different perspective and equip you with the necessary strategies to work through with your problems.

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